‘We’ve not won anything yet’ : Trevor Bayliss

‘We’ve not won anything yet’ : Trevor Bayliss

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London, Jul 13 : England might have swept aside Australia to make their first
ICC Cricket World Cup final in 27 years, but Trevor Bayliss, the coach, wants to
wait before celebrating.

Keeping his feet firmly on the ground, he urged his side to shut out the outside
noise and reminded them that there was still one match to go and a job still to be done in the final against New Zealand at Lord's on Sunday. "We can't listen to the outside noise whether it's good or bad," Bayliss told a media channel. "We've still got a job to do and one big match to go." "We had a chat in the changing room after the game and realised we have not  won anything yet. There is going to be a lot of noise around 'you guys are the  favourites' but we can't listen to any of that," said Bayliss.

England suffered a stutter in the group stage and were in danger of missing
out on a top four berth before they came back roaring in their last two round-robin matches, against India and New Zealand.  Captain Eoin Morgan, who since their disappointing 2015 campaign has championed a positive style of cricket, with the team's batsmen racing off the blocks, blamed a departure from this philosophy for the group-stage struggles, an ICC report on Saturday said.

Bayliss too reminded his players to stick to the style that works best for them."We have just got to concentrate on the way we have gone about our cricket over the past four years and what has got us to this point," he said.  "We have to go through our process. If we do that, we know we will play good  cricket and the opposition will have to play even better to beat us," Bayliss said.

"We're full of confidence, but we're not too over the top. Four years ago, after
the last World Cup which was not good for England, we set out with plans to
hopefully win the 2019 edition. It feels great that now we have a chance to fulfill those dreams," he added. (UNI)