Namibia’s suspended cricketer apologises after racial slur

Namibia’s suspended cricketer apologises after racial slur

Agency News

Windhoek, Jun 14 : Namibia's cricket body is saddened by the breach of the International Cricket Council's (ICC) Anti-Racism Code for participants by Namibia's Christoffel Viljoen, that saw him receive a 4-match ban from the international cricket body Wednesday.

Cricket Namibia's President, Rudie van Vuuren, in response to Xinhua Friday, said that the country's cricket body does not condone such behavior.

"We are working hard to create a culture of diversity and inclusion across the national team and incidents such as this will not be tolerated," he said.

Van Vuuren said Cricket Namibia spoke with Viljoen and said he is extremely remorseful for the insensitive comments he made during an ICC T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier match in Uganda in May.

"Viljoen has extended his apologies to the players affected, to the Cricket Uganda team and to Namibia and the apologies have been accepted," he added.

Van Vuuren said Namibia is grateful to the ICC for offering support and guidance throughout this process and welcomes the mandatory education that forms part of the sanction for this conduct.

"Cricket Namibia will continue to tackle all forms of discrimination in an attempt to create positive change in cricket in the country to ensure it better reflects modern society while helping to bring down barriers and inspire future generations," he added.

According to Van Vuuren as far as Cricket Namibia is concerned, the matter is now closed and they look forward to the next tournament. (UNI-XINHUA)