US coach rules out disrespect towards Thailand

US coach rules out disrespect towards Thailand

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Reims, France, June 12: The United States women's football team head coach Jill Ellis ruled out any disrespect towards opponents Thailand after her team refreshed the largest winning margin at the FIFA Women's World Cup at 13-0 in Group F.
"This is a world championship. Every team here has been fantastic to get to this point. To be respectful to opponents is to play hard against opponents," Ellis said at a press conference after her team's one-sided victory on Tuesday.

"This is a tournament where goal differential is a criteria. Tonight I respect Thailand, I celebrated that they are here, and told several of their players just to keep heads up, as it's part of the growth of the game.

"It's about mentality and confidence. But we've got more to do, stay humble and go back to work. In terms of things that we took away, what we want is a good start," she added.

Ellis said, "World Cup is about competing, peaking, priming players ready for the next game. It will be an incredibly hard World Cup. This is only game one, and we have two more games in our group."

"It's how you want to start the tournament. You want to have that feeling about the World Cup. The biggest take-away is having players feeling good about the game. It's about building momentum. A big result is kind of a fire in terms of their confidence."

For her, there are always things that can be refined and polished.The US team will take on Chile in the second group match on Sunday. (XINHUA)