Concern over delay in notifying Heritage Regulations

Concern over delay in notifying Heritage Regulations

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Mysuru, June 9: Mysuru, the city of palaces with more than 200 heritage structures, will be inspected to ascertain their condition and ownership details in a bid to upgrade the current list, prepared years ago.

The preliminary inspection of the structures is underway and the committee is expected to meet in due course to finalize and update the list. Questions may arise as to who should foot the bill for conservation and repairs if required as many of the buildings are privately owned.

Also, there is no legal framework based on which the structures could be conserved in the absence of Heritage Regulations.

An expert group drafted the Heritage Regulations and after revisions, it was submitted to the government almost 10 years ago. However, it was yet to be notified and senior officials are silent on its notification.

The revision provides scope for inclusion of a few more structures that were left out of the previous compilation. “More importantly, the exercise will help update and ascertain the condition of the heritage structures, a majority of which are in private hands,” said N.S. Rangaraju, member of the heritage committee.

He said the exercise is significant as the original list was prepared almost 20 years ago and has not been revised ever since while there is little information about the condition of many of the structures as they are private properties. The inspection is being taken up ward wise, to cover all 65 wards coming under Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) limits.

But Rangaraju said the inspection will only result in compilation and updating of the database but recommendations on what needs to be done regarding maintenance will take more time.