Bengal State Table Tennis Association formed

Bengal State Table Tennis Association formed

Agency News

Kolkata, Jun 7: TTFI treasure Arun Banerjee today announced unification of West
Bengal Table Tennis Association (WBTTA) and North Bengal Table Tennis Association (NBTTA) into Bengal State Table Tennis Association with immediate effect.
Addressing a media briefing Mr Banerjee representing the Table Tennis Association of India (TTFI) in the unification move said both the representatives of WBTTA and
NBTTA had a meeting here on Thursday and decided to come under Bengal State
Table Tennis Association henceforth.
The two former associations hence force stand automatically dissolved, said
Mr Banerjee.
However, the TTFI has kept a provision for the state that players represent major
part of south Bengal into the national championship will be known as Team A" and
players from districts of north Bengal will be known as "Team B'.
Mr Banerjee said a draft resolution was made during the unification meeting in
which an ad hoc committee of nine members to be formed on Monday and send to
TTFI for approval. In the nine-member committee headed by president Mayank
Jalan will have six members from south Bengal and three from north Bengal.