Gautam Patil re-elected president of MAGA

Gautam Patil re-elected president of MAGA

Agency News

Sangli, Maharashtra, Jun 1: Gautam Patil has been elected unopposed as president of Maharashtra Armature Gymnastics Association(MAGA) for second term while Sanjay Kelkar, MLA, as its working president.

According to a statement on Saturday, in a annual meeting of MAGA, which was held in Pune recently in the presence of Shantinagar, secretary of Gymnastic Federation of India, Patil has been elected as president for second term considering his work during last five years including taking important decisions for gymnastics coaches and players ,and successfully organizing state and national level gymnastics competition.

Along with seven vice-presidents, Kelkar has been elected as its working president, Mahendra Chemburkar as secretary and Savita Marathe as treasurer of MAGA.