Pak cricket team captain gets bouquets

Pak cricket team captain gets bouquets


When the captains of all 10 cricketing teams taking part in the International Cricket Council World Cup 2019 met Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth in Buckingham Palace, recently, everyone was seen dressed in formal attire except Pakistan. Its captain Sarfaraz Ahmed was seen wearing the traditional salwar kameez with the team blazer.

While many Pakistani fans felt proud of their skipper wearing the traditional clothes, several others thought Ahmed had broken the protocol.

Topping the list was columnist Tarek Fateh, whose tweet has stirred quite a controversy. He tweeted: 'Captains of #Cricket playing nations competing 4 the #CricketWorldCup had a photoshoot with the Queen. Guess who came dressed in his pyjamas? None other than the #Pakistan captain.'

He later added: 'Every other captain, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies & Zimbabwe smartly turned out in jacket & tie, but no, not the Pakistani. No sir, not him. I’m surprised he didn’t come in his Lungi-Banyan-Topi costume.'

Some Pakistani fans were backing Sarfraz and Indian fans also went on to defend Sarfraz, criticising Tarek.Seeing the whole subject catching fire on social media, Sarfraz also decided to speak about it during the press conference on the eve of the match against the West Indies.

'The salwar kameez is our national dress and I got instructions from the board to do all these things so I tried to promote our national dress. I felt very proud that the other captains were wearing suits but I was wearing the national dress,' Sarfraz said.