India, England no 1 In Tests and ODI Rankings

India, England no 1 In Tests and ODI Rankings

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Dubai, May 2 : India and England stand at top of the rankings in the Test and ODI Rankings after the annual update were released on Thursday following the update, series from 2015-16 were removed from the calculations and results from 2016-17 and 2017-18 were weighted at 50 per cent, with series after that weighted at 100 per cent.

India, who have held the top spot in Tests since October 2016, were on 116 points before the update but their 3-0 win over South Africa and 2-1 win in Sri Lanka during the 2015-16 season have dropped out of the ranking period, meaning they lost three points.

New Zealand, meanwhile, were on 108 but have had their two 2-0 defeat to Australia expunged from their record, gaining three points to move to 111 stand at no 2 spot. (UNI)