AIFF League Committee meets in Bhubaneswar

AIFF League Committee meets in Bhubaneswar

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Bhubaneswar, Apr 13 : The AIFF League Committee here on Saturday held a meeting and deliberated upon withdrawal of the Hero I-League clubs from Hero Super Cup 2019 relying upon the relevant clauses/sections of Hero I-League participation agreement and Hero Super Cup regulations.

The committee unanimously decided to refer the matter to the Disciplinary Committee.

Subrata Dutta, Senior Vice President, All India Football Federation and Chairman, League Committee chaired AIFF League Committee meeting here along with B K Roka, Chirag Tanna, Rochak Langer, Sunando Dhar, CEO, I-League besides Rahul Mascarenhas, Chairman, Legal Advisory Committee Vece Paes, chairman, Sports Medical Committee were also present.

It was decided that TW3 method of bone-age determination will be implemented for the Sub-Junior National Championship next season onward. Meanwhile, the Committee decided that the eligibility to participate in upcoming Hero Sub-junior and Junior League 2019-20 season will be a bone-age rating upto 13.4 and 15.4 years respectively, received under the AIFF BADP Guidelines.

The Hero I-League 2018-19 match between Real Kashmir FC and Minerva Punjab FC scheduled on February 18, 2019 was to be rescheduled later as per the decision taken by the Emergency Committee. Both the teams have communicated to AIFF that they agree to share one point apiece and the same was approved by the League Committee in Saturday's meeting.

The AIFF Integrity Officer conducted a thorough investigation on the Hero I-League match between Chennai City FC and Minerva Punjab FC.

Thee matter was investigated from all angles and relevant documents were collected and persons were examined. The AIFF Integrity Officer didn’t find anything against the integrity of the game and there is nothing to suspect about the true spirit of the game. The committee accepted his views. (UNI)