Ashwin’s pause was too long, not within spirit of cricket, says MCC cricket academy manager

Ashwin’s pause was too long, not within spirit of cricket, says MCC cricket academy manager

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New Delhi, Mar 28 : A day after ruling that the controversial 'Mankaded' run-out of England's Jos Buttler by India's Ravichandran Ashwin in the Indian Premier League (IPL) match was clean, Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the arbiter of the laws of the game, has said that Kings XI Punjab skipper Ashwin 'paused too long' which was 'not within the spirit of game'.

Fraser Stewart, the MCC's cricket academy manager, during an interview with ESPNcricinfo, said that the spinner seemed to 'pause' to allow the non-striker to go out of his crease.

"It was certainly one that has divided public opinion. We now have had a chance to review it in more detail and we think that Buttler was in his ground as Ashwin got into a position when the non-striker could reasonably have expected the ball to have been delivered. Ashwin seemed to pause to allow Buttler to go out of his ground and then obviously he put the wicket down; Buttler did not really make much of an effort to get back into his ground," Stewart told ESPNcricinfo on Wednesday.

"It is one where we just felt the pause was just too long and therefore not within the spirit of cricket," he added. Reacting on this, in the post-match presentation, Ashwin said, "No argument to that (run out), it was pretty instinctive.

However, Stewart said that when the controversial incident happened, English batsman was in his crease. "These days, many non-strikers are looking at the strike-end because the balls are smashed back so hard that they do not want to switch their focus from one thing to another. So Buttler was looking straight down the pitch. Had he been looking at Ashwin he would have probably seen what was going on and would have stayed within his ground," the MCC academy manager said.

"The key moment was when the ball would normally have been delivered, and we think Buttler was just within his ground at that point. It was only then he carried on with his wander out and the release was delayed then the wicket was put down," he further added.

MCC on Tuesday said that it was not against the Spirit of the Game to take the bails off at the non-strike end when the batsman is starting to leave his/her crease early. (UNI)