Emiliano Sala’s family eager to lift the  plane from seabed

Emiliano Sala’s family eager to lift the plane from seabed

Agency News

After locating the wreckage of the plane in which footballer Emiliano Sala was travelling, the family of the footballer Emiliano Sala are desperate for the plane to be recovered from the seabed.

Meanwhile, a confirmed report also claimed that a body had been spotted in the wreckage. But the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) has not said if it believes the body is that of Argentinian striker or the pilot, David Ibbotson. AAIB are now consulting both men’s families and the police before deciding whether to try to raise the plane.

Air accident investigators are planning their next steps after the plane was found in 63 metres of water north of the Channel island of Guernsey.

Experts have said that they believe it will be possible to lift the aircraft though any operation is likely to be hampered by rough seas and poor weather.

Marine scientist and shipwreck hunter David Mearns, who led a private search for the plane backed by Sala’s family and thousands of people who donated money in a crowdfunding exercise, said he remained in close contact with the player’s relatives.

The plane was found on Sunday within hours of the start of the search, which involved the UK government’s AAIB working alongside Mearns’s team.