Sachin Tendulkar calls for equal opportunities to both girls and boys

Sachin Tendulkar calls for equal opportunities to both girls and boys

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New Delhi, Nov 21: Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar on Tuesday urged parents to give equal opportunities to both of their girls and boys and not resort to stereotyping as gender equality will always play a key role in democratizing their discourse and help them to express their views and showcase their ideas.

The UNICEF ambassador was speaking in a panel discussion on the occasion of World Children Day celebration at Tyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi. ''Giving them equal opportunity and the right platform becomes parents responsibility. There is a tendency that boy would go out and study and on the other hand, girls should do household chores, but now, things are changing for good. And when it comes to women contribution in sports, see Hima Das has become an ambassador of UNICEF,'' the cricket icon said.

Sachin also said that society should be pushed harder to change this anti-girl thinking. He asked the parents not to clip the wings of their children and let them fly. The batting legend also urged parents to encourage their children to play sports in order to be fit.

He said, “Children should be encouraged to play sports.” “ I think for every individual to be healthy and fit, we need to have some sporting activity,” the legendary cricketer added. The former Indian cricketer also asked sport to be included in school curriculum across the nation.

“Sport has the spirit to bring everyone together. It does not recognise the colour of a skin, bank balance. It does not discriminate.’’ Tendulkar said.

''Everyone has an equal platform in sport and that is the best thing for children,'' Tendulkar added. ‘’Its important to have your extra curriculum activity. I think when all these things are integrated then the result will follow," the 45-year-old cricketer said.

He also emphasised on the importance of hygiene and sanitation in each and every school of the country. The former India captain also played an exhibition football match with kids at the venue. (UNI)