Ranji Trophy: Bihar loses to Uttarakhand

Ranji Trophy: Bihar loses to Uttarakhand

Dehradun, Nov 2: After a long interval of 18 years, Bihar, who made a comeback in the Ranji Trophy suffered a 10-wicket loss in just two days from the debutants Uttarakhand.

The spade work had been done on the first morning when Deepak Dhapola claimed 6/13 to bowl out Bihar for 60 runs while the hosts were bowled for 227. Uttarakhand got 167 runs lead in the first innings. Somehow, Bihar managed to scored 169 runs in their second innings.

The debutants got three runs target to win, which they scored without losing any wicket. Karanveer Kaushal needed one ball to complete a huge win. Uttarakhand got seven points from this victory, while Deepak Dhapola named man of the match for getting nine wickets in the match. UNI