‘Flying Sikh’ advises Jammu youth to stay away from drugs

‘Flying Sikh’ advises Jammu youth to stay away from drugs

Agency News

Jammu, Oct 8: ‘Flying Sikh’ legendary Milkha Singh advised youth of Jammu and Kashmir to stay away from drugs and work hard to achieve their goal.

While addressing young athletes in ‘Jammu Tawi Run Marathon’ , Milkha Singh said,“You must say no to drugs because it takes lives and spoils our youth".

He added that the youth of the country must get inspired from the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former US President Barack Obama and should know how they have succeeded in achieving their mission.

Singh also said that war bears no fruit, adding, “India and Pakistan must understand this thing. Pakistan cannot compare itself with India as there is a lot of difference between both the countries.”

He however, also lauded the Prime Minister for developing country into ‘New India’ and the initiatives he is undertaking by strengthening relations with other nations across the world.

Meanwhile, Singh asserted that athletics is the backbone of all games, he asked the Jammu and Kashmir government to provide talented children with sporting facilitiesd and wants JK Athletics Association to open academy to promote athletics.

“It is my dream to see an Indian athlete to win medals at the national and international levels,” he added. (UNI)