Serena Williams sings’ I touch myself’ for cancer awareness

Serena Williams sings’ I touch myself’ for cancer awareness


Top tennis player Serena Williams went topless and sang ‘I touch myself’ to promote breast cancer awareness among women. Bold and outspoken Serena has braved many controversies and has always let her tennis game speak for her.

In the video Serena can be seen covering her bare body with her hands as she sings. Her sweet voice and the melody come to the listener as a pleasant surprise.

That she has taken up the cause of breast cancer is truly laudable. Breast cancer has become a deadly disease in recent times. Serena said she had taken up the cause to create awareness among women around the globe that early detection is the key to fight it. She said the song was an effort to remind women to do regular self checks.

She said, ’Yes, this put me out of my comfort zone, but i wanted to do it because it is an issue that affects all women of all colours, all around the world...’ The 23 time Grand Slam winner was praised widely for her brave effort.

A Serena fan moved by the video asked how she can be such an amazing tennis player and also be blessed with such a gorgeous voice. And, that is just one of the innumerable praises that she received.