Meet Perisic: the sculptor of Croatian victory

Meet Perisic: the sculptor of Croatian victory


It is undoubtedly clear to the millions of football fans who is the man-of-the-match of the World Cup semi-finals between Croatia and England. The 29-year-old midfielder Ivan Perisic was the real sculptor of Croatia’s much-coveted victory.

When England got an early goal and we saw the lethargy of the Croatian team on the ground, many switched off the TV, predicting an easy England win. But the second half saw a resurrected Croatia who were not ready to say die. And the man behind this team recharge was none other than Ivan Perisic. Perisic remained tremendous on Wednesday, making solo runs into the box and finishing the night with seven shots – four more than anyone else on that great night.

Meet Perisic: the sculptor of Croatian victory

Perisic netted in the 68th minute and changed the game. He was the man behind Croatia’s second goal too. Perisic is not an ordinary player, but Inter Milan's expensive midfielder who worked hard all over the ground against England. In Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium ground, the spectators could see an ubiquitous Perisic, in the defense, on the attack, left-wing, right-wing and all over. "It's a dream to score one of the most important goals for my country," Perisic says quietly.

Perisic had a personal urge to push Croatia into the finals: “I spoke to my mother a few days ago and she said it is her dream to see Croatia play France in the final. Now her dream has come true,” said Perisic while accepting his Man-of-the-match award.

Perišić made his debut for the Croatia national team in 2011, and represented his nation at Euro 2012, the 2014 World Cup, Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup. Perišić married Josipa in 2012, having first met her while they were in high school.The pair have two children: a son, Leonardo, born 9 October 2012; and a daughter, Manuela, born 28 July 2014.