Wimbledon: Williams sisters happy

Wimbledon: Williams sisters happy

Serena Williams and Venus Williams are happy with the schedule at Wimbledon 2018. Tennis star Serena has for long been at the forefront of the fight for equal treatment for women whether it is regarding matters of remuneration or playing centre court matches. She has not minced her words about women’s matches being sidelined while the men steal the show. This year it has come about that 5 out of the 7 matches were women’s singles in the main courts. Venus said that she was ‘overjoyed’ that the spotlight had been on the women in Wednesday’s matches.

‘I was really overjoyed when I saw the schedule today. We have a lot of equal play in the other three Grand Slams,’ said a happy Venus. Wimbledon has been under fire for sending top women players including the veteran sisters to play on smaller courts. Serena echoed her sister’s feelings when she too said that she was happy to see the change. Seven times champion Serena added,’ I think it’s wonderful. For so many years it was just two men’s and one women’s. Now it’s several women out there playing. I think it’s a great opportunity. Just really proud to be here and play in a tournament that can recognize that.’

On Wednesday on centre court Serena beat Bulgarian Viktorya Tomova.