Yuya Osako presents shocking victory for Japan against Colombia (2-1)

Yuya Osako presents shocking victory for Japan against Colombia (2-1)

Agency News

Japan's Yuya Osako's header in the second-half has presented Japan a brilliant victory against Colombia in a neck-to-neck fight in the FIFA World Cup 2018. The first match itself was a big blow for Colombia, the quarter-finalists in 2014 World Cup and Japan became the first ever Asian team to beat a South American side at a World Cup.

Colombia was forced to play with 10 players as their star player Carlos Sanchez got a red card for a deliberate handball inside the Colombia area. The sending off of Carlos Sanchez happened at the beginning of the game, exactly speaking two minutes 56 seconds soon after the beginning of the play. Japan's Shinji Kagawa has given Japan a dream start with an early goal at 6th minute.

A reduced 10-member team apart from the absence of star player James Rodriguez due to injury have weakened Colombia in both the attack and defence. Even though, Juan Quintero presented an eqalizer to Colombia through a clever free-kick towards the end of the first half. But after the interval, Japan dominated the game and eventually Osaka made a spectacular goal through a header and a win for Japan.

Japan's Princess Takamado seen in Russia's Saransk -Reuters witness

Japan's Princess Takamado was seen by a Reuters witness in the Russian city of Saransk, where she will watch her national team compete in the soccer World Cup later on Tuesday. She is the first member of Japan's royal family to visit Russia since 1916, the Kyodo news agency reported.

Relations between Moscow and Tokyo are currently strained over the roll-out of a U.S. missile system and Moscow's move this year to deploy warplanes to a group of disputed islands north of Japan. The dispute over the islands, which were seized by Soviet forces at the end of World War Two, is so acrimonious that Moscow and Tokyo have not yet signed a peace treaty to mark the end of the war.

The princess, the widow of a cousin of Emperor Akihito, has no plans to meet with Russian dignitaries, Kyodo said, but will watch the Japanese soccer team take on Colombia and Senegal in the Russian cities of Saransk and Ekaterinburg. UNI