The Not-so Great Equaliser

The Not-so Great Equaliser

A. Sushil Kumar

It has spared none. Be it Presidents, Prime Ministers or Royalty. The bold & beautiful, rich & poor, celebs & commoners are equal in its domain. It has cast a dangerous spell - the colour of the skin or the religion one practices is immaterial.

In a way it has united people across communities and continents: in essence, COVID19 doesn’t discriminate. In a different context, one remembers Tagore’s immortal line… ‘Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls…’

The mask of superficiality is discarded as outward differences dissolve--symbolising a sort of equality which eons of education, regulation, liberation and evolution failed to achieve.

However, the disease is not the panacea to create a world ‘…where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit…’

To simplify: having realised some of the follies and futilities of human existence the hard way, let us work together towards wiping the disease from the face of the planet—by taking some preventive steps:

Contact Etiquette and personal hygiene to be strictly followed

Optimism and objectivity are paramount

Voluntary social distancing/ isolation helps a lot

Immunity boost is a great advantage

Disinformation or concealment of critical information is more dangerous.


Currently, A. Sushil Kumar is Co-Founder, Grochange Global, and Chief Mentor, Mansions. Earlier roles include Dean, Amrita School of Business; Global Head (M&C), Amrita TV; CEO & Mentor, Popular Vehicles.