Cloud-9 Business Recipe

Cloud-9 Business Recipe

A. Sushil Kumar

Trillions of words have been spoken, written and communicated for decades on the successful management of businesses.

Undoubtedly, the cornerstone of any enterprise is a 9-letter word: 'Customers' or 'Consumers.' Any business to grow consistently, needs to create differentiated 'Wonderful’' 'Solutions' which result in client 'Wellbeing' -- again nine-letter words

Using the 9-letter formula, let's simplify the fundamentals a bit more. The real ‘Pay-givers’ who sustain an organisation in the long term are neither employers nor investors, nor bankers, nor shareholders, but the firm's faceless, nameless 'Financier' or 'Custodian', yes, the person who eventually pays for products and services. In far sighted organisations, the priority extends to another 9-letter resource, 'Employees.'

An oft-repeated management mantra is, "Business is Marketing". Now that we are floating in the Cloud-9 troposphere, here is a nano-definition of the hyper-used term, 'Marketing' (9 letters). The core purpose of Marketing is ‘Nurturing’, ‘Delighted’, ‘Consumers’, ‘Gainfully’, a potpourri of 9-letter words.

The business world is replete with tales of astronomical market valuations, dazzling founders and exotic start-ups. But all it takes to choke these firms' survival are clogged 'Pipelines' thirsting for 'Authentic' customers. Thus an astute understanding of the changing patterns of consumer 'Behaviour' is critical for a company's growth, albeit survival, in a dynamic and disruptive environment.

To simplify the understanding of the sales process, we can trace the sequential journey of customer acquisition via a dozen 9-letter keywords:

Processes>Campaigns>Enquiries>Fieldwork>Promotion>Platforms>Follow-ups>Prospects>Execution>Solutions>Wellbeing> Finaluser..

In recent times, we have noticed a shift in the tenor of business discourses, going beyond TG & ROI to include the eco-sensitivities of the'Worldwide' 'Community.' Corporate captains and thought leaders from Davos to Denmark, Vancouver to Vienna, or Singapore to Seattle who are now giving a thumbs up to the protection of the ' Planetary' 'Ecosystem', and blending it with the spirit of 'Inclusive' 'Economics.'

History is replete with puzzling tales of enterprises falling like ninepins: perhaps, the Cloud-9 business recipe has the answers.


Currently, A. Sushil Kumar is Co-Founder, Grochange Global, and Chief Mentor, Mansions. Earlier roles include Dean, Amrita School of Business; Global Head (M&C), Amrita TV; CEO & Mentor, Popular Vehicles.