A. Sushil Kumar

Her yatra of selfless service and compassion started five decades ago, traversing and touching lives : initially from region to region, then country to country, and now continent to continent--her loving arms affectionately wrapping every aspiring person.

She is perceived differently by different sets of people...as a indefatigable persona by some; as an institution builder by some more; as an unparalleled living karmayogi by many; as a spiritual master by many more; and as an ever-accessible loving Mother by countless others... Or simply, Amma.

At a generic level, Darshan can be visualised as an embodiment of different paths charted out by various self-enlightened Masters across traditions and practices, albeit targeting the same destination.

Darshan is not just a physical activity of hugs and embraces. Embedded within this presence is a kaleidoscope of experiences and dimensions of awakenings--depending on the person's scale of evolution.

At one end of the spectrum, are those who engage in Dissection & debate deploying a logical, rational and perhaps a suspicious approach from the prism of an ego-created mind: looking for instant evidence-based outcomes, giving short shrift to subtle processes like guru, grace,divinity, consciousness...

Then there are the vast majority of believers, who see it as the magic wand for the Achievement of materialistic goals and witnessing miracles; besides handling fears, conflicts, obstacles...This also leads to the acknowledgement of a vague presence or power which helps one face the vicissitudes of life.

Then there is this growing band of aspirants who are getting aware that it's their crystallized karmic structures that sow the seeds for a Reincarnated life reinforcing the maxim : you reap based on what you sowed in present and previous lifetimes. And that an intense work culture, not an escapist approach, is the key.

At a higher level of the spectrum, are the serious Seekers, who strive to transcend dogmatic beliefs in their spiritual quest, realising that birth & death are fleeting happenings, but 'Life' is a continuum assuming a myriad forms.

And there are the more aware, who through sadhana have awakened to the fact that Heavenward is a metaphorical path; in essence it is an inward journey through self-knowledge or self-enquiry: the kingdom of God is really within us.

Likewise, there are the select few who have accessed their inner dimension where they abide in pure Awareness and silence. Thus they see themselves as an integral part of the interdependent cosmic play, and enjoy a sense of inclusiveness with nature and creatures on this planet.

And once they realize the sublime principle, 'I am not the body, I am not even the mind', the entire riddle of existence mired by maya, vasanas and deep-rooted ego structures start getting dissolved--unraveling the real self; which is immortal, beginningless and endless.This deepest dimension reveals the absolute truth of Non-Duality or advaita where a loving Oneness with everything in existence opens the doorway to liberation or freedom.

At the risk of sounding overtly simplistic, let's try and Simplify the profound signifiers of "DARSHAN".

Dissecting the experience through the egoic prism of the conditioned mind in the initial phase.

Achievement of worldy desires as the key goal.

Reincarnation as a subtle process and acceptance of the norm: you reap what you sow.

Seekers in a spiritual journey striving to know thyself, and that one is an insignificant dot in this limitless creation.

Heavenward means inwards-- a shift in understanding of a God in heaven in man's image, to a formless presence within.

Awareness of pure consciousness stage where it dawns that 'I' am not the body, 'I' am not the mind. Indeed 'I' is the real self, beyond any change, beyond mind-created thoughts, perceptions, feelings and emotions.

Non-Duality and oneness of life within the universe transcending to liberation or mukti from the repetitive cycle of birth and death.


Currently, A. Sushil Kumar is Co-Founder, Grochange Global, and Chief Mentor, Mansions. Earlier roles include Dean, Amrita School of Business; Global Head (M&C), Amrita TV; CEO & Mentor, Popular Vehicles.