Hotels & Restaurants will be gradually reopened :Tamang

Hotels & Restaurants will be gradually reopened :Tamang

Agency News

Gangtok, May 31 : Sikkim Chief Minister PS Tamang has in consultation with the Ministers, MLAs, including BJP MLAs and Departmental heads for taking certain decisions in the Task Force Meeting focusing on a few Unlocking measures .

‘Though we have provided certain relaxations, I request our people to be cautious and follow safety protocols, as there may be possibility of more cases, (1 case already there) with people returning to the State. It is our collective effort and discipline that has kept us safe until now and we should continue with it,’ said Mr Tamang. He urged everyone to unite and cooperate to reach the common goal of keeping COVID-19 at bay. Giving a ray of hope to Home stays & Hotels, under lockdown since March 25, CM said, ‘ Govt will be considering opening those gradually’. This he said is being done to ‘ promote local Tourism and revive the Home stays, Hotels and Restaurants (HHR).

Excursions for students within the State would be conducted to facilitate the HHR.’ 'Though the restaurants have been open since May 14 but so far they have been allowed to sell off only packed food, take away stuff. To avoid crowding, no one can sit and have anything. However, no Inter-District Taxi and Private vehicles would be allowed to move till June 15. The vehicular movement will be allowed for those within the districts they belong to.

Gyms, Private Schools, Dance & Music Academies will also be gradually restarted observing the new COVID-19 protocol. Gyms would have to maintain strict social distancing ,with limited entries and fixed time schedules,' he said. Sikkim is still a Green zone State with one returnee recovering in Govt hospital, gradual revival of economy to the extent possible is going on. (UNI)