CM objects to Delhi Govt Ad not showing Sikkim as part of India

CM objects to Delhi Govt Ad not showing Sikkim as part of India

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Gangtok, May 23 : Chief Minister PS Tamang on Saturday urged Chief Minister Delhi Arvind Kejriwal to withdraw an objectionable advertisement. He said, ''An ad released by Delhi Govt's Information & Publicity Directorate, titled 'Join Civil Defence as Volunteer,' showing Sikkim out of India is sad, objectionable and directly hitting at the Union of India.

This has been felt by the Sikkim government.'' He asked Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal about how the mistake has been committed and by whom? Delhi people should be informed about Sikkim also being part of India. Otherwise, such events would turn against Federalism, given by the Constitution to the Union of India. The Chief Minister also asked the Central government to include the Society, the System, Culture, Traditional practices and music of North Eastern States, in the countrywide courses of study, to let people know about them, to bring these States in the mainstream of the nation.

CM Tamang has added further ‘,It is really sad that even after 45 years of Sikkim becoming inseparable part of democratic India,Govt of Delhi being ignorant of the fact that it is a State is surprising. He has said this is why NE students to do not feel secure in other States. He has stressed on need for imbibing National feeling for viewing North Eastern States of the nation,else these States including Sikkim will not be able to experience themselves in the national mainstream. Commenting on it CM PS Tamang has said ‘I am deeply hurt by Delhi Govt terming the people of Sikkim as different Citizens equated with Nepal and Bhutan.The people of Sikkim are emotionally integrated with the nation since 1975. I urge the CM of Delhi to give unconditional apology to the people of Sikkim.’ (UNI)