‘Do Gaj Ki Doori’, Wear Mask ,No Spitting or Pay Rs 300 fine: DIG Range Bhutia

‘Do Gaj Ki Doori’, Wear Mask ,No Spitting or Pay Rs 300 fine: DIG Range Bhutia

Agency News

Gangtok,May 15 : DIG Range, Sonam Tshering Bhutia has stressed on Social Distancing, Wearing masks,not to Spit in public places, to avoid spread of Coronavirus. ‘Our objective is not to help in spreading the Virus.

Mask is compulsory in public places,Social distancing like it has been said ‘Do Gaj Ki Doori Hai Jaroori’ and no Spitting in public places,’ said DIG Range ,while highlighting the recently enforced Sikkim Public Health & Safety (COVID-19) Regulations 2020. ‘ The main implementation is being done by Police.SDMs ,BDOs and others are also doing it. Police are not only regulating vehicular traffic but human movement too. Anyone violating the norms would be fined.For first time offence penalty of Rs 300/- will be imposed, 2nd time 900Rs and 3rd time ,under Section 51 of Disaster Management Act, offender could b arrested as a punishment .Land revenue officers,District Magistrates,Additional District Magistrates and Sub –Inspector Police have been authorised to take action.

A form for each offender has to be filled up,with mobile number in case the offence is repeated.All the fine money goes to revenue of Disaster Management.'' Speaking about all seriousness with which the Regulations have been enforced ,the DIG said so far 300 persons have been fined in the East District for violating the Public Health & Safety norms,mostly for not wearing mask.In South Sikkim 250 persons were fined,in West 50 and in North around 40-50. Looking forward to cooperation from all he said , it is with the cooperation of all and many disciplined masses that Sikkim is still free of COVID-19. (UNI)