The last Supermoon of 2019
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The last Supermoon of 2019


This time the Super moon coincides with the Spring Equinox when the length of the day and night are the same. This Supermoon has been named Super worm moon as worms are said to emerge around this time. This is after the last Supermoon was named Super Snow moon and was seen on February 19. The coincidence of a Supermoon with an equinox is rare.

Super moons are seen when the moon is closest to the earth. This makes the moon appear bigger and brighter to us.

As the moon’s orbit is not perfectly circular, the moon is sometimes closer to the Earth. Perigee is the term used for when the moon is closest to Earth. When a full moon coincides with a perigee we have a Supermoon.

The first Supermoon occurred on January 21 this year. This was followed by the Supermoon on February 19 and now on the 21 of March we have the third Supermoon, the last for 2019.