Three asteroids to zip past Earth today; no danger: PSI
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Three asteroids to zip past Earth today; no danger: PSI

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Hyderabad, Nov 10 : Three asteroids will flyby Earth on Saturday, Planetary Society of India (PSI) Director and Founder Secretary N Sri Raghunandan Kumar said.

Kumar said the three objects, discovered on November 3 and 4, will be passing within the moon's orbit but there was no danger to Earth. He said international media and social media is abuzz with reports of three newly-discovered asteroids which will flyby Earth today. Though various reports in International (Print & Online) and Social Media have attempted to create a kind of fear among public suggesting some kind of danger to Earth, there was no need to panic.

Asteroid 2018 VS1 was discovered on November 4. Its size is 17 meters and is travelling at speed of 10.6 km/Sec. Importantly, during course of its journey around Sun, this object on this day at 7.33 p.m. IST will be closest it can get to Earth. And will flyby Earth at a distance of 13, 98,161 Km i.e. 3.6 times of the distance between Earth and moon, the PSI Director said.

Asteroid 2018 VR1 was discovered on November 3. Its Size is 18 Meters and is travelling at the speed of 9.3 Km/sec. At 7.49 p.m. IST, it will flyby Earth separated by distance of 50,96,701 km i.e. 13.2 times the distance between Earth and moon. Moon on an average moves at a distance of 3,84,500 km from Earth, he said. Asteroid 2018 VX1 was discovered on November 4. Its size is 11 Meters and travels at speed of 6.1 km/sec.

On November 10 at 11.50 p.m. IST, it will flyby Earth at distance of 3,82,083 km. To a question on whether Is it First Time ? When is next known encounter?, Kumar said, 'Many small asteroids(discovered in past) pass within the close distance of Earth several times each week regularly. Only the newly discovered asteroid with short notice of their “Closest Date of Approach” or Flyby makes big news. These asteroids, being very small, are not visible to naked eye.

It may be noted big asteroids with ability to wipe out civilisation can be discovered well in advance, whereas small asteroids are found only when they are close to Earth. Hence, people should be aware of misleading news reports about these newly-discovered objects, he added. (UNI)