Cosmological model needs further revision: Sidharth
Cosmological model needs further revision: Sidharth
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Cosmological model needs further revision: Sidharth


Well known astrophysicist and Director of the City-based B M Birla Science Centre Dr B G Sidharth has said that the standard cosmological model needs a re-look and perhaps further revision.

He said that It was well known that the concept of dark matter was born around 1930 because Fred Zwicky and others noticed that the rotation curves of galaxies displayed a slight anomaly: Normally one would expect that as we went away from the centre of the galaxies the rotation curves would die down as per Kepler's laws. In contrast they appeared to flatten out, reaching out a constant velocity at about 300 kilometers per second.

It was hypothesized that some additional unseen matter within the galaxies was responsible for this strange behavior: This additional or dark matter would speed up the slowing stars at the edges of galaxies.

Unfortunately for the past nearly nine decades we have not been able to get a fix on what exactly this hypothesized dark matter is. Could it be some exotic new type of particles like supersymmetric particles or sterile neutrinos or even the recently discovered pentaquarks and so on? Dr Sidharth said in a release on Wednesday.