Lockdown innovations…

Lockdown innovations…

Durgadas P.V.

The worst pandemic which has now afflicted the world is bound to divide the time into two Before Corona and After Corona. The long lockdown has brought about lots of changes in the lifestyle throughout the world. My daughter and family who live in the USA have not gone for a drive, for the past couple of months. They have been continuously eating from breakfast to dinner at home for the past two months for the first time in their memory. This is true with many in India too.

Many have found out that life can be sustained without a Saturday night show in a cinema theatre. And the life on earth would go on without visits to places of worship.

The other day was mother's day. Necessity is the mother of invention. And long lockdown has necessitated many innovations, creations or modifications if not inventions.

A few of them are already in vogue and others are suggestive.

The suggestions for the vocabulary are…

Self sourcing…..This is different from outsourcing. It is the process of identifying the hidden and intrinsic talents and maximizing its benefits for continuous exploitation from within the close circles. Eg. Jadu pocha done by husbands in the households in the absence of service by the maids. And getting the finer levelling of the hair done by the wife after the trimming is done by the husband himself.

Covidise…...A new more emphatic word for the phrase 'spreading like wildfire' . Can be freely used to describe blabbermouths and scandalmongers.

Corona ball….A new game suggestion with fixed earmarked space for each player keeping social distancing in mind. The ball has to be necessarily passed. Never to run with it.

Corondating….Dating during corona times. Mask is a must. Chat through cell phones allowed. Greetings in traditional Japanese style only.

A new idiom has been coined. ' to publish one's route map' which is simply used to threaten to reveal the unpleasant secrets.

The clarifications regarding confinements and detentions have come out. Lock up is with the police. Lockdown is with the wife.

Skimming has a new synonym in God's own country……. ' sprinkling' popularising of which has been entrusted to the opposition politicians.

The video conferencing can be renamed as coronaferencing. One small room , preferably the store or study room would be converted into a studio conference room with the camera fitted on one side and a nice wall paper pasted on the other. Ties, jackets etc would be kept ready as in the photo studio. One could even save money spent on costly footwear and legwear……!

Virtualizing has become the order of the day. Classes, sermons, prayers, namaz, artis etc have become or in the process of converting into the virtual mode. The participants could be controlled by OTPs supplied on payments through available Apps. Even confessions could become virtual through encrypted blue tooths..?

The new marketing and product innovations are.

The event managers have devised a 'locked-in' marriage with 10+10 participants, stand alone lunch and live video coverage through You tube to all well wishers on request with advertisement scrolling of jewellers and textile shops…

The ladies boutiques have started advertising….' matching designer face masks with every order'

Fingdom…..A device to cover the tip of the finger made of paper strictly for one time use ( as in the case of the other familiar …….doms ) at ATMs, lifts, pos machines, switches etc….

One of the best management tactics is to convert threats into opportunities. In our country also, the leadership has emphasized on the need of hour that the pandemic should impel our nation to strive for self reliance and surpass other nations in every respect by increase in production at all levels.

I do not have a panglossian attitude in this aspect. But I earnestly believe that if the will of the people can be channelized and the need for the change is well understood, we will succeed.

One media report which I saw recently has been very interesting. The sale of condoms registered a spike during the initial days of lockdown. But subsequently the graph has flattened. But that does not mean that the levels of activity have subsided. The results can be expected by the turn of this year 2020 itself. The prediction of the population experts regarding our nation overtaking the present leader in the field by 2027 will have to be reassessed…….?

Will it be yet another incidental consequence of the lockdown……?