Number games….

Number games….

Durgadas P.V.

Numerology is defined as a branch of knowledge that deals with the significance of numbers. Yes, number means a lot. If you have any doubt, please ask Amit Shah or Fadnavis. Earlier we had seen enough of number games in the long past at the central level. And in the recent past in the garden ( presently very polluted) city too.

In the history of these number games, one is reminded of the usage in Hindi which says that there is only a difference of ‘ unnees bees ‘ between two political parties. No … I am not referring to the UDF winning 19 out of the 20 Lok Sabha seats in Kerala in the last general elections…..! That was indeed a number game in which two ladies were sneaked into a temple with the help of thousands of policemen which antagonised lakhs of voters.

Every political party in the guise of ‘ serving the nation ‘ resort to all the tactics to win the numbers to grab the chair. That in turn takes me to ‘ resorts ‘. Our great political historians have fondly christened the process as ‘ resort politics ‘. History books have recorded that the resorts/hotel politics was invented by the great NaRa Chandrababu Naidu in 1995 when he managed a coup d’etat by back stabbing his father in law and mentor NTR keeping enough ‘number ‘ of MLAs in a star hotel under house arrest and to grab the power as chief minister of Andhra Pradesh. This modus operandi still goes on in various forms. One of the recent attempts resulted in closure of a resort in a different state.

There is a great similarity between the game of cricket and politics. If the IPL auction, the bid is open, in the case of ‘sale‘ of MLAs, the deals are secretive. And similar to the terms of compensation fixed in the corporate world ( fixed salary and variable stock option) it’s the initial sale price and/or coveted portfolio in the cabinet to be formed. And among cabinet berths, the most lust after are the ones which have great opportunities to earn more and more like the hard hitting batsmen who prefer to hit tons remaining at the crease throughout the innings.

It is not very uncommon to see that, at the eleventh hour when the cabinet is about to be sworn in, some disgruntled MLA would make a ‘ nou do gyarah ‘ and vanish from the scene along with a critical number of members putting the cabinet formation in sixes and sevens…….! The situation of the CM designate and other salivating cabinet colleagues would remain like the bridegrooms unable to get down from the decorated horse in a ‘barat’. And the family members who would have taken space in seventh heaven and cloud nine, will start getting a six feet under feeling…….!

And the maneuverings which politicians take to achieve the numbers will put the spider of the Robert Bruce story to shame. Eating one’s words and putting the party principles ( is there something like that ?) on backburner, they resort to any permutation combination by throwing high stakes to enslave the members and grab the power…..! Some independent members put their weight around in a situation of ‘ teen mei na tera mei ‘ aiming at a hit or miss chance. Sometimes they also land up as the ‘ do din ke mehmaan’.

Number games sometimes narrowly revolve around the halfway mark considering the total number of seats in the elected constitutional body. Once upon a time, when crossing the floor one/two elected members was rampant and frequent, the MLAs of Goa assembly were aptly referred to as the ‘forty thieves ‘ recalling the epic fairy tale of Ali Baba from Arabia.

The other numbers which are commonly used to seduce the voters and scare the governments in the recent past in our country, are 356 and 370. All said and done, the best number the public to remember about all the politicians as a whole is 420…….

Statutory disclaimer…..

The views expressed are purely personal and not aimed any political party/faction in particular as the attributes detailed are equally applicable to all…...