Hakuna Matata.......

Hakuna Matata.......

Durgadas P.V.

I think it was a couple of months ago that my daughter and family went to see a movie in Boston for the sake of the children. A few days later my little grandson started crooning a song ......Hakuna matata.....or something similar. Since Spanish language is being taught in the day care, I thought it may be a nursery rhyme in that language. But the other day he happened to drop a glass vase while playing "the pillow throwing" game. And vase broke into pieces. When his dad scolded him, he said "Hakuna Matata" and went away with a smile . When I ascertained the meaning with my daughter she told it's "take it easy"  or "don't worry".

What else does one do for clarifying anything under the sun , these days ? ......I googled. It says that the rough translation is "there are no troubles" in Swahili. The phrase was popularised in English by the movie "The Lion King" where it is meant to be " no worries ".

And the lil one again kept singing the song and floating around with the ball instead of the pillow. When I gave him a stern look with my oversized round eyes, he didn't get scared. Instead he again sang "Hakuna Matata".....

Not to cry over spilt milk is a good motto in life. But to be care free to that extent was not considered fair on my part. As usual, I wore a compulsory smile on face without uttering a single word.

Coming to think of it, many things happening around us makes me feel that everyone is in a "Hakuna Matata" ( hm) mood.

Sea levels are rising due to global warming. By 2050, it would rise by about 20 inches.This means that a few cities would be underwater before the close of this century....

The pollution levels in the rivers and the ocean have reached an alarming peak in many countries and it will not remain within any political boundaries for long....!

Terrorism is showing its presence in every country of the world. No continent is free from it barring Antarctica........!

The president of the most powerful country in the world seems to be interested only in making his country "great again" . The oldest colonial superpower is busy exiting from tangles. Others are confined to their own problems and seem to say ‘hm’ for the universal maladies in the making.

In our country, the GDP growth is hitting a low ebb. Automobile industry, banking, etc. are sliding down. The opposition is unable to decide where to start (if at all they wish to do so). The so called governing leadership gives out a hm face in front of the public covering up problems for individual gains. Even the prime minister said "Hakuna Matata" to the sobbing ISRO chief after the anticlimax of Chandrayaan 2. What else could he have done.....?

In my own home state, the administration is the least worried about rebuilding the state after the devastating monsoons. Apparently no lesson has been learnt. It's Hakuna Matata here too. Nowadays the chief secretary is anxious in evicting the occupants of the high rise buildings before demolishing them as per court orders.  Yes, it is necessary to take remedial measures once an offence has been committed. I feel that the court also has a "Hakuna Matata" attitude towards the system ( and the officials) which allowed the crime to be committed.

The public are also not bothered. When they are asked to wear a helmet or seat belt , they cry over the deterrent fines. And the government plays to the gallery by announcing "happy days" during Onam ( like happy hours in bars.......!) to break the safety rules and get killed.....!

Today I read about a little child being thrown out from the mother's ( ? ) lap from a speeding jeep and no one knowing about the mishap for hours together!

I think it's Hakuna Matata everywhere.......!