Go one better......?

Go one better......?

Durgadas P.V.

Sir Isaac Newton is often quoted for his third law of motion "every action has got an equal and opposite reaction......" I would try to amend it and say that every successful movie has one or more sequels. I have never dreamt of producing or directing a movie, albeit I thought of writing a sequel to my earlier post. Happenings of similar nature could always be remembered together.

Now let me repeat my first story, which I had posted earlier regarding the scarlet coloured lucky seeds called "manjadi kuru".

Once during my infant days I happened to put one seed accidentally into my nostrils. It went up and got stuck deep inside. It was when I had barely started talking. Amma said that I went to her pointing my index finger towards the nostrils and groaning a bit. After a few minutes it swelled within to create a bulge on my face.....! A few strong pats on the head did not yield any positive result. The seed sat firmly up in the nostril. My dad asked my mother to bring a stove full of embers. Gas stove and LPG were unheard of in those days.......! The stove was fanned with a piece of hard board. A few grains from a red chilli were spread over the red hot embers. Irritating fumes started emanating. All standing around and watching the fun started sneezing. I too sneezed. Out came the Manjadi kuru like a bullet from the nostril. And I started screaming again out of relief. The seed had swollen to double the original size. A failure of the " operation sneeze " would have necessitated a surgery.......! My elder brothers started teasing me again. Had it remained in the nose, it would have grown into a big tree.......they told.  I have heard this story many a times from my mother, dad and brothers......!

And now the sequel.....

In movies too, the venue, heroes, heroines etc change as per availability and call sheet/ convenience of the stars. Similarly, here the venue is shifted to USA. The hero is my younger grandson.

He always tries to outwit the elder brother by snatching the toys from him and makes a vanishing trick by running away from the scene. And when the elder one chases and overpowers he takes out the ultimate weapon and cries out for help from parents/grand parents. There are many occasions when the elders would be required to play a role of Judge in settling their disputes.

It looked like an usual evening, when the play started. I was busy watching cricket in the TV. The elder one was playing Ludo on the magnetic board with his grandma. The junior came up and demanded participation like the political youth wing demanding a parliamentary seat which was politely refused with some lame reason. The rest happened in a flash of a second. He snatched the coins off the board and took to his heals. The big brother ran behind him and could reach near the " thief " after a long chase. But the young one had decided to outsmart him. He put the coins into his mouth and resumed his race within the house. Ultimately when he came and surrendered in front of his mother, he wore a vicious smile on his face. The elder brother claimed the credit of nabbing the culprit like the State police chief surrounded by TV news reporters. My daughter immediately probed into his mouth to take out the coins. She could get only the dice. The rest ( may be a couple of them) had already been swallowed by him.......! She could not contain her anger which transformed into a loud outburst. Almost immediately the lil ones, mother and the grandma were in tears. I too could not enjoy the sixer on the TV screen which was turned off instantly.

Calling the medical help, arrival of the two vehicles flashing multicolored lights and sirens were almost instantaneous. The lil one and parents went to the hospital. I was left with the elder grandson at home. After fifteen minutes , there was a call from my daughter conveying the news that the X Ray has revealed presence of two of the coins in the stomach.

He was later discharged with an instruction that the coins would go out of the abdomen in the normal course........! Giving any extraneous treatment like enema would be useless as the item to be flushed out was still in the stomach. He was administered some medicines to ensure normal functions of the system. And now the wait started. Every member in the house eagerly waited for the youngest member of the family to show readiness to go to the toilet. On the first morning after the incident, he kept us in tender hooks. He declared that he didn't feel the pressure at all. It was unanimously decided that he would skip the day care.....who in the kindergarten would probe for contents in the p.....p and confirm the coins' exit....?. My daughter also decided to work from home to keep a close watch on him and his ........... We the elders almost accompanied him within the house more closely than the black cats would do it around the VVIP in the case of  Z+ security system.....! All those who scolded the boys for untimely visits to the toilet eagerly waited for the hero to say " I want to do it " ....And ultimately he did it in the afternoon after his lunch. But alas, thorough examination and scrutiny could not find the coins. I started googling to study more about the digestive tract and to decipher the plausible reasons for the delay in the matter. The presence of appendix in the system and its nuisance value did disturb me though I didn't share my findings with anyone else. In between, contacts were established with a cousin of mine working as a senior Paediatrician in UK.

In the evening and night we fed him with all types of food which he preferred including some generally discouraged items like Lay chips and ice creams....The vigil continued the whole night. We took turn in keeping at least one among us  awake throughout the night. The successful retrieval of one of the coins the second day gave us a hope. But at the same time the suspense regarding the hidden second one did worry us. In the meantime lots and lots of promises for offerings were made to the temples, churches and mosques praying for a happy ending.....!

At long last, the third day morning the long wait ended. The second coin also came out....

The two brothers celebrated the moment with a hi-fi. The parents and grandparents too had a sigh of relief...

I don't know whether the prequel was better than the sequel. Since the story, screen play etc were based on facts, what I could manoeuvre was only in the editing part.

If not an Oscar, I hope it can win a special mention or a popular jury award.......!

Anyone to vote for me.....?