Bank on.....wedded bliss

Bank on.....wedded bliss

Durgadas P.V.

The other day I saw a few photographs taken by papparazzis to bring out the news of the imminent wedding of a Bollywood star with her latest boy friend. The photos of the ring worn by her were taken from long distance using telescopic lenses fitted to their cameras.

Long ago, say about forty years back, my friends demanded a party from me after seeing a ring on my right hand. They were correct, it was my engagement ring.

I had gone to my native town on an unplanned visit, and it so happened that my parents had finished some leg work to find a suitable match for me. Since they belonged to the typical Hindu school of thought, the matching of horoscopes was done first. Then the next step was to get a photo of the girl in a standing pose. My sister in law who was a witness to these developments had given me some advance information through a letter. Later my mother sent me a letter in the vernacular detailing the virtues or the positives of the alliance. I had earlier flatly refused to get married because renting a place to stay for an affordable monthly rate in Pune was next to impossible. But just before the homeward trip, I had managed to get a small one bedroom flat owned by a colleague. Hence I was defenceless when parents wanted me to meet the girl. Then my argument was that I should preferably see a few girls so that I could agree to marry one. My sister in law convinced me to see that girl first and then go for  someone else in case of need. And she was right. The first over itself was a wicket maiden.....!

Now coming back to wedding ring, I was asked to go to the famous jewellery shop and give the measurement of my right ring finger so that the girl's family could purchase the ring. I wanted to have the simplest type. I was also particular that there needn't be any engraving of names on it. Why engrave it when it is recorded in my brain....? Similarly the ring I got for my bride was also a simple one.

The rings were worn by both of us for a few months after wedding. Frankly speaking, wearing a ring was not very comfortable when I started helping my wife in kneading dough for chappati. I used to keep it aside when I went swimming. My wife also removed it at times when she did some hard work in kitchen.

Both of us found it comfortable to keep the rings in the cupboard much before our first anniversary. A few years later when I was transferred to Patna, all the ornaments and other valuables including wrist watches found their way to the bank locker......! We had a worry free and safe life in Bihar for over four years without any gold ornaments for obvious reasons.

When my daughter was nine years, my mother wanted to make some small ornament for her. When we opened the locker to take stock, we found that the wedding rings had become quite small for our fingers.....Why should I blame the rings........? Both of us had put on weight not only around our waists but also fingers......!

They are still safe in the locker.

The other day, I ventured reading about the significance of wedding rings. One quote read as follows....

* The bride and the groom usually give each other rings in the shape of a circle, symbolizing the hope that their love will be without end.

On taking off the ring, it said....

* Taking off wedding ring is a childish act and does far more harm than you breaks the promise made at the wedding.....

But I have never felt that between my wife and me there was any need of a symbol to display the love, mutual respect and understanding cemented over decades of living together enjoying the bliss of life....

The rings now symbolize our love for each other with no wear and in the bank's vault.......