Banking on bosses......

Banking on bosses......

Durgadas P.V.

Boss is always a common dictum..

The term boss is often misunderstood. Whenever  we say " boss is always right " , the underlying meaning is that he is not. The pronoun "he" may also be read as "she".

The term boss in our lingo has got a wrong meaning not found in authentic English dictionary as it was used profusely to address the villains in the old Bollywood movies.....! I was fortunate to work under very good bosses who were supportive and caring.

As far as a career is concerned, it is very important to be under the right boss at the right time. The right time here means that the boss also should be in the good books of his(her) boss.....!

My terms with the right and not so right bosses have given me varied experiences like a roller coaster ride. I have had bosses who had implicit faith in me. They signed papers prepared by me without reading it. Such bosses increased my palpitations since my work never got checked and the mistakes could be carried up to the top spoiling the reputation of the boss.

And when I worked under such a team leader, I carried a danger of being named as an automatic rival of any other senior person with whom my boss was not having good rapport. I have found only a precious few colleagues of mine who did not fall into this trap of " enemy's friend is an enemy " doctrine. Keeping equal closeness or acceptability with two fighting top brass is certainly a great art mastered by a few who achieve meteoric rise in the organization....! I knew about a smart colleague of mine who managed a foreign posting and grade promotion in the same year working under a fighting pair of president and  senior vice president.

Having said that let me not try to define a good boss or idealise boss management. After being in the lower and middle hierarchy of a PSU bank for the past thirty five years, let me only concentrate only on certain experiences with my bosses during my hey days in my career.

Banking is a service industry dealing directly with one of the most sensitive commodities called money. Rules of the game being the same for all the players, the success and failure depended on the persuasive hard work and level of reasonable risk taken with positive results. The support of the boss is a very crucial factor in achieving the goals.

I had a few bosses who agreed on telephone and supported my actions but politely wriggled out when post facto ratification was sought in writing. I have heard of a few bosses who encouraged the subordinates to take bold decisions and stood by them at times of failures. In other words , their oral instructions were invariably confirmed in writing without any hesitation.

I had a very soft spoken boss who supported his team members taking business decisions involving asset management within their own delegated authority. But he never dared to excercise his powers. But he was a very well qualified academically brilliant officer. Very strict in his habits too. He was eager to pass on the decisions to the next higher level too.....! I realised later that such executives never had a chance to face any departmental action on account of failures in credit decisions....!

But the worst case was of certain super dynamic bosses who aimed at steroidal or hormonal growth in the balance sheet of the bank as if they were batting the twentieth over of the new version of the cricket match. The poor lower line officials fall prey for recommending limits which subsequently become NPAs.

The list of types of bosses is only indicative and not exhaustive. But it's more common to blame the boss for any negative happenings in one's life than recognizing his contribution for the achievements.

After all we all are answerable to the super Boss , the Almighty for the final analysis of the balance sheet of our lives ..... let's take care of Him always......