Of names, maiden and marr(i)ed..........

Of names, maiden and marr(i)ed..........

Durgadas P.V.

There is a saying that  change is the only constant in life. And those who adapt to the change succeed in life.

This is not a TED talk narrating how me or someone else succeeded in life. My thoughts on change of names got triggered when I recalled the announcement during the flight from Thribendrapuram to Kozikkodey the other day. I was in a Air India express flight. These peculiar names  were repeated uniformly in Hindi and English announcements. As I was relaxing in the Club lounge,  waiting for my connecting flight to Mangalooru, I thought I could type a blog about the novel experiences I had  in connection with name changes. Generally, I use the time spent waiting for connecting flights or outside the doctor's room to clean up the memory of my cell or to type a story for my Face Book friends.

I am not averse to change. The  name change brought about in the case of roads, towns and cities is certainly because of political will rather than the opinion originated from the general public. Since we were ruled by the British, the vernacular names of many of our towns were modified to suit their convenience. There by the names  Trivandrum, Quilon, Cochin and the like were widely used. But these names got further distorted by our own Indians who stayed in the North to Thriventhrum, Kwilon, Koochin etc. It's a pity that these names got imprinted in their minds so much that even after the official change of these names to vernacular originals, they are stuck to their distorted version. What I heard in the flight was a hybrid of old and new......!

Coming to think of it , I don't find any  advantage in change of  buildings and landmarks. Once I landed in an awkward situation by using the new name with an old Mumbaikar who didn't subscribe to such useless madness as he put it.

The best way to travel from Andheri to Church gate was to catch a fast train. But that required lot of physical fitness and practice to get in and get out of the train without any mishaps. The next best was certainly the BEST bus 4 LTD. I took it outside the Andheri station after being in a disciplined queue as it happens only in Bombay ( I mean Mumbai).

As the conductor approached me , I gave a hundred rupee note and took a few seconds to tell the destination......" Hutatma Chowk...." The conductor in his late fifties gave a curious look. He asked  " Kya....? Hutatma yaa Mahatma....? " I said " Hutatma Chowk..." . He stared at me from head to toe. " Arey......Fountain bolo na.....Kya Hutatma , Paramatma bolta....?  ". He gave me the ticket and said that the balance would be given later.

After giving tickets to all who got in from Andheri, he came near me again and started firing the politicians, state government etc etc for such meaningless changes. I had to listen to his sermons in the typical Bombay lingo laced with   the choicest of bad words which ended like the essential item used for sky diving....for the next ten minutes until the bus reached the stop ahead.

When I narrated the incident to one of my friends in Pune, he started telling me another story of how he missed a chance of meeting one of his classmates in an office in South Block after ten years since they left college. Her name was Apoorva Vishnu Gore when she studied in the Ferguson college. But after wedding the name had been changed to Purna Rudra Kale.......!. And this name was displayed at the entrance of her office cabin. He knew about her selection in civil service. Only after returning from Delhi, a common friend told him about the change in her name after her marriage.....!

I continued to scratch my brain for incidents of this kind to write about. In the meantime I might have missed the announcement for the boarding for my flight....

After some time I could hear an announcement for the last call for a boarding of some flight. But the name called out was totally different. Hence I continued my close engagement on my cell with my eyes glued on to the screen and the fingers typing the blog on it.

Suddenly I saw someone approaching me with a question " Mangalore flight........? Mr.... Paazabaalakkodey.......? " I said " yes , but my name is different....! "
" Are you not Paazambaalakkodey, V D......? "
" I am P V Durgadas....", I said....
I was asked to run to the flight....... I was the last to board....As I was walking to my seat with a heavy hand luggage, all other passengers were giving me piercing looks.....!
Now , I knew how i went name was given with expansion of initials, which I generally avoid...........A costly mistake, it was......