Expressing Love
Expressing Love

Expressing Love

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, many women tell me, “When I share the painful feelings in my heart with my husband, he never consoles me. He doesn’t even show a little bit of love towards me.” If the husbands are confronted about this, they say, “It’s not like that. I love her very much, but all she does is complain.” Thus, though they both love each other, neither of them is benefited from that love. They become like two people living on the banks of a river, dying of thirst.

In reality, there is love in everyone. But love that is not expressed is like honey trapped inside a rock. We will not be able to taste its sweetness.

Don’t keep your love trapped inside your heart. We must be able to express our love externally through our words and actions. We must love each other with open hearts. We must learn to share our love with each other.

Once a monk visited a jail. There he struck friendship with the prisoners. Among them was a youth. When the monk learned what had happened to him, his heart melted. The monk put his hand on the youth’s shoulder and lovingly stroked his back. He asked him, “My boy, why did you end up here?”

With tears flowing down his face, the youth said, “In my childhood, if I’d just had someone who would have lovingly placed his hand on my shoulders and talked to me with kindness, I never would have ended up in this prison.”

It is extremely important to give love to children, particularly in their early years. In their childhood itself, we must train them to receive and return love to each other.

Love is not to be kept hidden in one’s heart. It is for sharing and shining through our words, looks and actions. Love is the only wealth that makes a person happy to give more than to receive. It is wealth that we possess but do not see.

So, let us awaken the love that we have inside. Let it be expressed to the world through our each and every action, word and gesture. Let us not limit love within the walls of religion, faith or caste. Let us allow it to flow freely everywhere. May our hearts embrace one another and awaken and share the blissful love inside us. May love embrace all beings and flow. Then our lives will become blessed and divine.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi