Devotion & Contentment
Devotion & Contentment

Devotion & Contentment

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, the word “devotion” means constant remembrance of God, without break.Let us look at the gopis of Vrindavan.To even stop thinking about Krishna for a minute was, in fact, difficult for them. In their kitchen, Krishna’s various names were written on the containers of spices such as pepper and coriander. If they needed pepper, they would refer to it as “Mukunda.”They would reach for coriander, saying they were taking “Govinda.”Like that, whatever work they did, their hearts were in constant remembrance of God. Eventually, they saw and experienced Krishna in everything.

Once our heart becomes full with love for God, all the material tendencies and desires that once dwelled there weaken.Our mental impurities disappear.In this superior state of devotion, the devotee doesn’t desire anything but God.Nothing else is important.Be it sorrow or happiness, he accepts everything as God’s prasad. He remains content in any situation, in any financial circumstance.

Once, a king went hunting.Tracking an animal, he became separated from his entourage and eventually became lost.Worse yet, it suddenly started to rain. The king became soaking wet.After walking for a very long time—wet and sorrowful—he saw an old Krishna temple and hut in the distance. There, he found an elderly priest and his wife.Upon seeing this cold, soaking stranger, the couple offered him a clean, dry towel.They also fed him and allowed him to sleep there.

Early the next morning, the king’s entourage located him.After taking leave from the old couple, the king instructed that 100 gold coins should be given to them.However, the priest respectfully refused, saying, “There is no need for this.God is taking care of us both very well.All our immediate needs are met by God.”The king was very surprised, he said, “You both are old.What if you fall sick?I will build you a new house. I will appoint a person to take care of you also.”But the elderly couple refused this too, saying, “We are not worried about getting sick.God in the form of Dhanvantari Murti is always here for our protection.”Even though they were poor, their faces shown with faith and contentment.

For a true devotee, the attitude of renunciation and simplicity comes naturally.He does not give any thought to his own interest or protection. The devotee accepts whatever life offers him—be it discomfort and hardship, or comfort or gain—as God’s prasad.He never complains or takes offense at what comes to him in life.He has only steadfast faith and love.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi