Social Awareness
Social Awareness

Social Awareness

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, our culture teaches us to view atithis [unexpected guests] as being equal to God. But by the word “unexpected guest” not only are people meant, but also each and every unexpected circumstance. Therefore, we must be prepared to view any circumstance that comes to us in life as a venerable guest and receive it happily.

In a game of chess, if we keep moving the pieces forward, we will not win. During certain circumstances, one may have to tactfully retract certain pieces. Similarly, when we encounter failure, we need to imbibe lessons from that experience and then use our newly formed knowledge to move forward.

When failure comes, we must be careful to limit that failure to the external. We cannot allow our mental strength and self-confidence to fail as well. Secondly, we should never abandon our good heartedness and service-mindedness.

Once, campus interviews were being conducted at a management institute. After the interviews were over, the students returned to their rooms. A few students emerged successful. They were very happy. The others were sad. One of the unselected students remained seated in interview hall. There was a gentle breeze there. He sat there for some time, enjoying the breeze. The chairs there were now strewn helter-skelter about the room. He noticed that and decided to re-arranged all of them into proper order.

As he was doing this, he noticed someone watching him from the doorway.It was one of the interviewers.The actions of this youth caught his attention. Instead of feeling sad about failing, the boy remained focused and maintained a sense of social responsibility. Seeing him straightening up the room awoke respect for the boy in the interviewer. He called the young man to his side and appointed him.

It was the young man’s undefeated sense of social responsibility and his presence of mind that landed him the job.He was not worried too much about not having got the job.Instead, he was thinking about what he could do in that present moment. It wasn’t his job to clean the hall. But he did not think, “This is not my job; let someone else do it.” Even though it was not his job, he carried it out beautifully. This high-minded attitude is what took him to victory.

One may say that not all those who act like this youth will end up victorious. But it is the unbreakable law of the universe that those who do good deeds definitely reap their benefits—if not today, then tomorrow.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi