Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, in today’s world people only know how to take and keep taking from others. A mind desirous to give and help others is rarely seen. Everyone is very aware of their own rights. But people do not show any interest or eagerness to perform their own duties. We are obligated to our parents, friends, co-workers and, above all, to nature. Instead of thinking that what we took and was given to us is our right, we must be prepared to fulfil our duties with a sense of gratitude.

Once, a beggar went to a house and asked for alms. For many years, he had been going to this house to beg. On that day, the house owner gave him 10 rupees.The beggar got angry. He said, “In the beginning, you used to give me 100 rupees per month.Then it got reduced to 50. After a few years, it became 25. Now it is 10! Is this fair?”

The house owner said, “When you first started coming, I wasn’t married. I could afford 100 rupees then. After I got married, my wife was not earning. So, my expenses increased and I reduced the amount to 50.Then I had a child, and the expenses increased. So, I reduced your alms to 25 rupees.Now, I have another child.In truth, I do not have any money to give you.But, as I wanted to give you something, I gave you 10 rupees.”

Upon hearing this, the beggar shouted, “Do you have to my money to raise your family?”

Instead of receiving any amount of money with a feeling of gratitude, the beggar thought that the alms were his right.This is how many of us behave.We relate to nature, co-habitants, close relatives and friends with selfishness.Without being grateful for what others give, we act like we have a right to everything.The culture of gratitude is disappearing.

We always expect something from others. We must not forget that they also have similar expectations from us. We must learn to be aware of these expectations and to try to fulfil them as much as possible. When we give more than we receive, what we truly gain is peace of mind.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi