World Peace
World Peace

World Peace

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi


In general, people in today’s world are dissatisfied and restless. Their minds are filled with fear and doubt. We live in a world where people and countries are prepared to attack and destroy each other. Selfishness and egoism have made life a battlefield.

This does not mean that goodness has totally disappeared. There are many people constantly striving to improve the lot of humanity. However, the evil in the world is gaining more strength, whereas the good in the world is not flourishing enough to counter the evil.

Once, a rich man met his friend after a long time. He told his friend, “Come, let’s go to the park nearby and sit there for a while.” On the way, the rich man said, “We grew up playing together. We studied in the same school. But look at the difference between us!”

The friend did not say anything. After a while, the rich man stopped abruptly. He picked up a five-rupee coin from the ground and said, “This must have fallen out of your pocket.” They continued to walk. The friend stopped suddenly. He went near a thorny bush in which a butterfly was caught and fluttering its wings. He slowly worked to free the butterfly from the bush and watched it fly away. The butterfly fluttered its wings joyfully as it flew away. Watching this, the rich man asked his friend, “How did you notice the butterfly?”

The friend replied, “Remember you said that there’s a big difference between us? It is this: you listen to the sound of money, whereas I listen to the sound of the heart.”

Observe the difference between their attitudes. Our thoughts and actions determine our culture and individuality. Everyone must learn from a very young age of the good that comes from love and co-operation, and of the destruction that comes as a result of hatred and fighting.

We must try to understand each other’s hearts—feelings and emotions—and try to respond accordingly. Each country must become the eyes, ears, voice, heart, mind and body of other countries. Only then can we see and feel the sorrows and hardships of others, and act accordingly. Only then can this world grow perfectly as one body. Only then can there be equality, brotherhood and peace.

Amma-Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi