Marital Relationship
Marital Relationship

Marital Relationship

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi


If a marital relationship has to move forward happily, the most needed components are mutual understanding, magnanimity and compromising. Only then, they will be able to overcome the challenges faced in life. In our country, family relationships are breaking down. The number of divorces increases daily.

Both parties must understand that there is a huge difference between the emotional states of men and women. Men live in their intellect and women live in their minds. More than anything, women have a strong desire for their husband's emotional support. Women desire for a little love, a little care, and readiness and eagerness to listen to r her words and hardships. Men also desire for attention, recognition and acceptance, love and obedience. If they have love for each other, they will serve each other. They will find happiness in doing so.

It is not easy to lead a marital life with mutual understanding, trust and love. They must have a lot of patience and the ability to endure. On many occasions, marriage takes place between people who are not mature enough and those who are not able to understand their life partner's emotional needs. Love is not the attraction that is felt between people on a physical level. True love is the relationship of the souls.

Today, many youngsters dream of a married life like they see on movies and television. When that fails, it leads to disappointment. Amma remembers an incident. A young girl was highly influenced by a movie she had seen before marriage. In that movie, the husband and wife were very rich. They had all kinds of comforts such as a big house, car and expensive wardrobe. There was never a time without happiness. After seeing this movie, the girl started to imagine a similar life. Soon, she was married. But the husband had only a small job. The wife wanted a car, buy new sarees and go to movies everyday. What will her poor husband do? Wife became very disappointed. They started to fight with each other. Both parties lost their peace of mind. In the end, they got divorced.

It is not enough for young men and women to have education and secure a job as their life's goals. It is important for both men and women to have a mental and emotional preparedness for a good married life even before marriage. In a marital relationship, nobody can demand their rights. As they get ready to give love and cooperation, they must also wait patiently to receive them. In both their personal lives, many problems may arise. In these occasions, one must help the other through their crisis. When that happens, love will grow by itself.

Sacrifice and love are the two wings of a family life. These wings of love and sacrifice help married couple take flight towards happiness and contentment.

Amma-Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi