Overcome Temptations
Overcome Temptations

Overcome Temptations

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

Children, anyone wishing for true peace and freedom in life should have learnt to overcome circumstances. True personality of an individual is recognised in adverse circumstances. it is easy to become slaves to our mind and senses which are enticed by temptations. But to overcome and survive temptations is extremely difficult. Still, one should keep trying to do so. This does not mean that one should not enjoy worldly pleasures. We can indulge in worldly pleasures. But that should not grow into attachment. A true brave person is one who does not develop attachment or affinity towards worldly materials even while living amongst them.

A drunkard takes a decision not to drink starting tomorrow. He takes this decision by keeping the alcohol bottle by his pillow. The first thought after waking up the next morning is whether to drink or not. By constantly thinking about it, the hand would reach out to the alcohol bottle without his knowledge.

It is difficult to overcome temptation when we have the object we are enticed to near us. The principle behind the killing of Bali in Ramayana is also the same. Bali had the boon that he would gain half the strength of whoever would fight directly against him. That is the reason why Sriram hides and kills Bali with an arrow. Bali is a symbol of desire and attachment. Lust or attachment cannot be won over if fought directly. To get free of attachment, it is necessary to stay away from the enticing objects and inculcate good thoughts in our mind.

One who wishes to bring the mind under control should stay away from adverse situations for a few days and try to bring the mind under its own control. One who has just started taking driving lessons will learn by driving in an open ground in the beginning. But once he has learnt driving, he can drive along the main streets and freeways.

Before seeds are sown, it is habitual to remove grass, weed and others from the soil. The seeds are sown after ploughing the land, tilling the soil and levelling the ground. All weeds have to be carefully removed even as the seeds sprout and grow. Otherwise, the growth of the plants will be weakened. But when the plant grows into a huge tree, it is not necessary to remove the weeds. The weeds cannot do any damage to the tree. The tree has gained the power to resist the weeds. Similarly, those who are practicing to control their minds should try to stay away from adverse situations as much as possible. Once the mind is under our control through constant practice, it is possible to overcome and survive any outward obstacle and temptation.

Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi