Safety of Women
Safety of Women

Safety of Women



These days, violence against women is receiving a lot of media attention. Only a very small part of a submerged mountainous ice berg is visible to us. Likewise, what we hear from the media is only a small part of what really happens.

One has to be extremely careful while crossing a busy intersection. Accidents happen very quickly if we lose concentration. Similarly, women have to take all precautions in our present society. We must teach each child about our present-day society. There may be people who would attack them. There may be others who would exploit them or not be supportive. we must enable our children to handle these situations with proper discrimination.

These days, youngsters have the desire to mingle with each other with a lot of freedom. They have no hesitation to rebel against the forced rules of the society. In their opinion this is real growth. But growth does not mean excessive freedom and lack of responsibility. Similarly, protecting the values does not mean excessive discipline and over stifling.

Youngsters today must have a relationship with their parents as naturally and casually as with their siblings. Along with this, they must have the ability to display self-control, understanding various situations. In this matter, the society has to change its thought patterns entirely. Teachers, parents, media, and those who work in different areas of art, all alike have a big part in making this happen. Do not send wrong messages to the society. At the same time, be sure to give right messages. We see a tendency in the media to portray women as mere objects of pleasure and exaggerate or belittle any crime against them in the news. We must be aware of the negative effects of such actions.

In fact, in our society, both men and women are equally conditioned. An elephant is usually bound to a tree. The elephant has more than enough strength to uproot the tree easily. But due to mental conditioning from a young age to succumb to fear, the elephant forgets its own strength. It never even tries to get out of the bondage. Perhaps, the state of our women is also the same. As for men, for many generations, they have grown up experiencing preferential treatment and superior and authoritative mentality. For this reason, they are not able to come out of the mental conditioning they have been subjected to and accept societal growth. Both men and women need to try on their own to come out of their mental conditioning. They must come out of it.

Lust and anger are all sides of human nature. Children must be taught to control their emotions with proper discrimination. We must impart good educational as well spiritual values to both boys and girls from a very young age.

We used to have a culture where all women were looked upon as mothers and all girls were looked upon as sisters. Let us re-establish that culture again.

Amma- Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi