Worship of Siva
Worship of Siva

Worship of Siva

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi


Lord Siva has a special name Aashutosh. The meaning of this name is the one who can be pleased easily. This does not mean Lord Siva is going to grant our wishes right away. If our attitude is right, the Lord will be pleased right away and bless us the moment we pray. The best prayer is to surrender to the Lord a heart without any expectation or desire and with an attitude of total devotion and gratitude. The Lord will be pleased the moment He sees our selflessness and innocence.

Above all worships, the Lord likes the worship that is done with a pure heart and a single focused mind.

Once there was a king who was devoted to Lord Siva and he built an exquisite and grand Siva temple. He began to get ready for the grand consecration ceremony. The night before the consecration, the king had a vision of Lord Siva in his dream. The Lord said, “I am pleased by your devotion and worship. But I will not be present during your consecration ceremony. I have to participate in another temple consecration ceremony. That temple and the preparations for the ceremony are much more valuable than yours." The Lord told the king the names of the devotee who built that temple and of his village. At that moment, the king awoke suddenly from his sleep. "What? A temple better than the one I built? I must see it." The next day itself, he arrived at the village with his family and all of his entourage. They could not find any newly built temple anywhere there. They looked for the devotee's house and found it. It was nothing but a thatched hut. In that hut was seated a person wearing badly torn clothes, meditating. "Is this the Lord's supreme devotee?", he thought with surprise and contempt.

The king prayed to Lord Siva to clear his doubts. Immediately, the village devotee's mind appeared before the king. The king saw the most beautiful temple that the devotee had built in his own mind. At that moment, there were thousands of pots filled with holy water from Ganges being poured on Lord Siva by many devotees. The place was resonating with sounds of mantras and conch shells. There were many saints and Gods and Goddesses also present there. Lord Siva Himself was seated on Siva Ling, blessing everyone. Witnessing this, the ego of the king completely disappeared. He understood the greatness of the devotion of the devotee in the village. The king humbly fell at the feet of the devotee who was in a very exalted state of meditation.

We have to consecrate God in our own hearts. Without understanding this, we give undue importance to outward rituals and decorations. Our hearts must overflow with devotion to God and purity. Our minds have to become single focused. Here, the divinity of God will shine forever.

Amma-Mata Amrithanandamayi Devi