The path to peace
The path to peace

The path to peace

 Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi


When Amma looks at the world today, Amma feels a lot of sorrow. Everywhere, there are images of tears and bloodshed. People are unable to show compassion even to children. So many innocent lives are being sacrificed in wars and terrorist attacks every day. It’s true that wars were fought in olden days as well, but back then one would never fight against someone who was unarmed. Fighting after sunset was also not allowed. Back then, such codes of conduct were followed. Today, however, every method of destruction is acceptable—no matter how cruel or against dharma. When we look around, we see a world ruled by the selfish and the ego maniacal.

The root cause of all destruction is ego. Two types of ego are the most destructive. One is the ego of power and wealth. The other is the ego of “Only my view is right!I will not tolerate anything else.” As long as such egoism persists, peace and contentment will be impossible, both in our personal lives as well as in society as whole.

All viewpoints have their value. We must put in effort to recognize and accept them. We must consciously try to imbibe everyone’s ideas. If we can do so, we can put an end to the pointless war and bloodshed we are seeing around us.

If we are to truly understand and respect the views of others, we must first cultivate love within us.Many people put in a lot of effort to learn another language. They have a lot of interest and enthusiasm to do so. However, learning the language of another people is not enough to understand them. For that, we require the language of love—a language we have completely forgotten.

Once, in order to try to raise money for a humanitarian organization, a group of its volunteers went to speak with the owner of a big business. They described at length the pathetic conditions of the suffering people they were trying to help. Their stories of pain and sadness were enough to make anyone’s heart melt, but that businessman was totally unaffected and not at all interested. Full of disappointment, the volunteers prepared to leave. Just then the businessman said, “Stop. I will ask you a question. If you answer correctly, I will help you. One of my eyes is artificial. Can you tell which one?”

The volunteers looked into his eyes carefully. Then, one of them said, “It’s the left eye.”

The businessman said, “Amazing! No one has ever been able to tell the difference before. It was very expensive. How were you able to tell?”

The volunteer said, “I looked carefully into both your eyes. The right one showed a tiny bit of compassion. The left one was like a stone. So, I immediately knew that your right eye was the real one.”

This businessman is the perfect symbol of today’s age. Today, our heads are hot and are hearts are cold. What is needed is the opposite: Our heads should be cool and our hearts should be warm. The cold selfishness is our hearts needs to transform into the warmth of love and compassion, and the hot headedness of ego must transform into the cool, expansiveness of Self-knowledge.

Love and compassion are our greatest form of wealth. Today we have lost them. Without love and compassion, there is no hope for us or for the world. Let us awaken the softness and tenderness of these divine qualities within our hearts.

Amma - Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi