Rediscover The Joys of Good Living
Rediscover The Joys of Good Living

Rediscover The Joys of Good Living

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi


Today 90% of the ailments we suffer are due to mental strain and tension because love is fading from the human heart. Problems diminish when there is love, but a lack of love increases and intensify our problems. Just as food is needed for the growth of the body, love is needed for the growth of the heart. Love is as valuable and precious as breast milk for a baby.

In the name of modernity and development, humans have become more and more selfish. We have become like isolated islands, cut off from the rest of creation, cut off from life, from true joy.

Look at a tree. It gives shade even to the person who cuts it down. It gives its sweet, delicious fruits to the person who harms it. But our attitude is completely different. When we plant a tree or raise an animal, we are only concerned about the profit we will make from it. If the animal eases to be a source of profit, we will have it destroyed without delay. As soon as the cow stops producing milk, we will sell it to the butcher inorder to make money. If a tree stops yielding fruit, we will cut it down and make furniture or something else from it. Selfishness reigns supreme. Selfless love cannot be found anywhere.

Because of his selfishness, man today sees nature as being separate from himself. Individuals think that nature has been created solely for them to use and exploit in order to fulfil their selfish desires. This attitude creates a wall, a separation and a distance.

If a person receives a cut or a wound, it is certainly the awareness that both the left and right hand are “mine” that prompts one hand to comfort the other. However, we don’t have the same concern when an injury happens to someone else. This is because of the attitude that “It is not mine”.

Man has found methods to produce a hundred tomatoes from a plant that could otherwise bear only ten fruits. He has also succeeded in doubling their size. While it is true that due to increased production, poverty and starvation have been reduced to a certain extent, man is not very aware of the harmful effects caused by artificial fertilizers and pesticides, which become absorbed into his body through the food that he eats. These chemicals destroy the cells of the body and make man an easy victim of disease. The number of hospitals has also had to increase as scientists artificially force plants to yield fruit and seeds in quantities which are far beyond their limits. Science has reached unimaginable heights, but owing to his selfishness, man has lost the clarity to see the truth of things and to act with discrimination.

There was once a function to inaugurate a new supercomputer. After the inauguration, the participants were told they could ask the supercomputer any question and it would come up with the answer in seconds. People did their best to ask the computer the most complicated questions relating to science, history, geography, and so on. As soon as each question was posed, the answer would pop up on the screen. Then, a child stood up and asked the supercomputer a simple question: “Hello, supercomputer! How are you today?” But this time there was no response; the screen remained blank! The computer could answer questions about everything, except itself.

Most of us live in a state similar to that of the computer. Along with our understanding of the outer world, we need to develop knowledge about the inner world.

This understanding and vision that we are a part of the totality is the path to physical and mental well-being. Seeing unity in diversity through proper understanding and spiritual practices is the only way to heal humanity and nature.

For true peace and happiness, ultimately people will have to embrace spiritual principles. Most people see life as a constant struggle for survival. Such people believe in the theory ‘the fittest will survive.’ They are satisfied with a normal way of living—for example, getting a house, a job, a car, a wife or husband, children and enough money to live. Yes, these are important things, and we need to focus on our day-to-day lives and to take care of our responsibilities and obligations, small and big. But there is more to life, a higher purpose, which is to know and realize who we are. It is through this knowledge alone that we gain everything—a feeling of complete fullness, with absolutely nothing else to gain in life. That realization makes life perfect. Regardless of all we have accumulated or are striving to acquire, for most people life still feels incomplete—like the letter “C.” This gap, or lack, will always be there. Only spiritual knowledge can fill this gap and unite the two ends, which will make it like the letter “O.” The knowledge of the inner self alone will help us feel well-grounded in the real centre of life.

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi