Ashok Gehlot or Sachin Pilot?

Ashok Gehlot or Sachin Pilot?


With Congress all set to gain majority in the Rajasthan assembly all eyes are set on who will lead the Congress government in the state: Ashok Geholt or Sachin Pilot? Both are eminently suitable.

Gehlot is a senior leader of the party having been chief minister of the state earlier. Pilot rebuilt the party in the last four years as chief of the PCC having been active in college and university elections, local body polls and in the bye-elections during the period. To choose is not easy given the credentials, almost matching.

Both have left the matter to the party president. That is the normal practise in the Congress in the past few decades. The high command communicates its choice and the chosen man is elected by the Congress legislature party in the state almost unanimously. Prior to that high command’s representatives meet the main aspirants and senior state leaders. A consensus is arrived at normally as none objects to the choice of the high command.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has already sent his representative AICC General Secretary Venugopal to communicate to the state leaders the choice of the high command. This has already been communicated.

During the poll campaign Congress leaders avoided all questions on the leadership issue. To the question who will be the chief minister if the party wins the assembly elections none gave an answer. In faction ridden Congress the choice is always disclosed after the election. Naming anyone could disturb the poll enthusiasm, total commitment to campaign and team spirit. Once in power there are many positions for partymen and the next best is given a position of importance.

Interestingly there are occasions when the high command nominates a leader whose names may not have been in circulation. At the moment of course many believe the choice between Gehlot and Pilot.