Shah seeks Rahul’s word about Vadra’s gains

Shah seeks Rahul’s word about Vadra’s gains

Agency News

Nagaur/Churu, Nov 30 : With the polling date in the Rajasthan Assembly elections nearing close, ruling BJP President Amit Shah on Friday stepped up verbal onslaught against the Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi seeking clarification on reported gain to his brother-in-law Robert Vadra from sanction of huge bank loan to a company during the previous regime.

Addressing election meetings in Kuchaman City in Nagaur district and Sujangarh in Churu, Mr Shah quoted a media report and claimed that a company got sanctioned (during UPA regime) bank loan of thousands of crore rupees and the Gandhi family's son-in-law got commission from the sanction that he utilised in buying cheap land in Rajasthan.

"Then he (Vadra) sold out that land on high price to make several crores", Mr Shah went on saying from the news reportedly appeared in a paper on Friday.

He also sought a word from Gandhi explaining his family's "relations" with bank offenders like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya.

The BJP leader retorted that these bank loan defaulters did not flee during the previous regime because they did feel secured under their rule.

He assured the people that the Modi Government will get these 'fugitives' back in the country.

Mr Shah also reiterated that his party was set to win the assembly elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh and "Rahul Baba" should stop day dreaming about the installation of the Congress led government after the elections. (UNI)