Rahul cries foul in allotment of insurance business to corporates

Rahul cries foul in allotment of insurance business to corporates

Agency News

Udaipur, Dec 1: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Saturday accused Narendra Modi-led Government of partiality in assigning rights for insurance of assets to (crony) corporates.

Participating in an interactive session with business leaders and professionals here, Mr Gandhi explained

that government, under its Aayushman Bharat initiative, has given monopoly for insurance business in clusters of districts or sectors, exclusively to chosen corporate entities, including those of the Anil Ambani Group and Tata Group.

"Under this arrangement, people or groups do not have any option but to buy the insurance policy from the assigned company", he elaborated.

Likewise, the government policy leading to long term battle (between public and crony capitalism) for getting the right of internet data, the Congress chief said.

Defenders of public interests, including NGOs and people at large, were not yet aware of significance of the data, the most valuable futurist asset, however, big players like Amazon, Google and some of the crony corporates have understood importance of capturing it, Mr Gandhi said.

"We (Congress) are of the considered view that people of the country should own the data and not the (crony) corporates", he asserted. (UNI)