Quiz - (General Quiz)

Quiz - (General Quiz)


Answer the following:

  1. What is the name of the element whose symbol is Pm?

  1. What shape is the large DNA molecule?

  1. What is an anagram?

  1. Which planet has a Great Red Spot?

  1. What sea does the Volga empty into?


  1. Prometheum

  2. Double Helix [Deoxyribonucleic acid]

  3. Any word that reads the same forwards and backwards [Eg, Anna; Malayalam]

  4. Jupiter

  5. Caspian Sea



Annie Besant
Annie Besant

Annie Besant nee Wood was a British socialist, theosophist, women’s rights activist, orator, educationist and philanthropist. She was a great champion of freedom and an ardent supporter of Indian and Irish self rule. A prolific writer, she has more than 300 books and pamphlets to her credit.

She was born in London in 1847 and died in Adyar, Chennai, on 20 September 1933. She worked with the Theosophical Society which emphasized human service, a spiritual evolutionism that combined both Eastern and Western esoteric philosophy and the role of supra human masters of wisdom. Besant plunged into the activities of the society and remained its International President from 1908 up to her death.


Seeing in the dark is called scotopic vision.

Gastrin is a hormone released from the stomach which increases the acidity of the gastric juice.

The haemorrhage that may take place 7-14 days after an operation or injury is known as Secondary Haemorrhage.

Usually every human being has 23 pairs of chromosomes.