QUIZ- 20th Century English Literature

QUIZ- 20th Century English Literature


Answer the following:

  1. Which book modelled on Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ tells the story of a day in Dublin?

  2. The phoenix was adopted by DH Lawrence as a personal symbol. What bird is named in the title of his first novel?

  3. Who wrote the war time book ‘The Last Enemy’?

  4. What is the title of the book [1954], a black parody of Ballantyne’s ‘Coral Island’?

  5. What is the name given to the Tibetan mountain retreat in James Hilton’s book ‘The Lost Horizon’?



  1. Ulysses by James Joyce

  2. Peacock. The White Peacock written in 1911.

  3. Richard Hillary

  4. ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding

  5. Shangri- la



James Joyce

James Joyce
James Joyce

James Augustine Aloysius Joyce was an Irish novelist, short story writer, poet teacher and literary critic. He is regarded as one of the most influential and important writers of the 20th century.

Some of his popular works include Ulysses [1922], Dubliners [1914], A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man [1916], The Dead [1914] and Eveline [1904].

He is noted for his experimental usage of language and exploration of new literary methods which contributed to the literary movement of Modernism.

He was born in Ireland on February 2, 1882 and died on 13 January, 1941 in Zurich, Switzerland.


J K Rowling, famous author of the Harry Potter series, actually does not have a middle name. After a suggestion by her publisher, she chose her grandmother’s name, Kathleen.

Charles Dickens was superstitious and believed that sleeping facing North would improve his writing.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is credited with the use of the word T shirt for the first time.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland was banned by the Governor of Hunan Province in China as he believed that animals should not have the power to use language like humans